Some Tips of Making Cosplay Props for Beginners V

  1. Strait Edges

You can use your metal ruler to measure thing, even to cut things in straight lines. But a see-through plastic ruler is also useful. Many prop makers use it for most of their measuring. Don’t cut things with the plastic ruler. It’s what the metal one is for, so get both!


  1. Cups and Popsicle Sticks

They are cheap ,and both are available anywhere things. The primary purpose is for storing and mixing liquids, but you can also never have enough containers. Stock up!


  1. Hot Glue Gun

It is really an amazing thing for crop makers. It takes to foam and vinyl like a beast and is super easy to use. You can also use it to simulate metal weld lines.


  1. Paint Brushes

These are things that you can get in bulk at a craft store. Many times you will end up throwing them out after a single use, so get more than you need.


  1. Sculpting Tools

You can pick up a pre-assembled kit of tools or one at a time from any craft store.


  1. Rubber Gloves

It is normal that you will get dirty when crafting your props and costumes. It’s just going to happen. Keep some rubber gloves on hand to mitigate the damage to your public image,  especially for when you’re dealing with anything toxic.


  1. Heat Gun

If your crafting referring to any sort of heat forming, you will need one heat gun. When you are heating, be sure to use a thick leather glove on the hand that holding the piece you are heating. I think you don’t want to end up cooking your paw.


Now, all the materials and tools are stockpiled for your to make some amazing things. Then you can begin your work!

Let me show you some amazing cosplay props!


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