Wig Suggestions of Voltron Legendary Defender

  1. Keith: You just need to style the bangs!

Quick Link: https://www.fairypocket.com/products/voltron-legendary-defender-keith-kogane-cosplay-wig


  1. Lance: You can cut and style it by yourself to get a perfect wig of Lance.

Quick Link: https://www.fairypocket.com/products/voltron-legendary-defender-lance-anime-cosplay-wig

  1. Hunk: The pre-teased top makes it easy to fluff the bangs and part them in the center.

Quick Link: https://www.fairypocket.com/products/voltron-legendary-defender-hunk-anime-cosplay-wig

  1. Pidge: The wig’s color is really similar with the character’s. You can style the wig easily.

Quick Link: https://www.fairypocket.com/products/voltron-legendary-defender-pidge-cosplay-wig

  1. Allura: The only thing you need to do is styles its bangs.

Quick Link: https://www.fairypocket.com/products/legendary-defender-princess-allura-anime-cosplay-wig

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